Aqua Scale 3-in-1 infant bathtub, scale & water thermometer

Aqua Scale 3-in-1 infant bathtub, scale & water thermometerclick to enlarge
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    Aqua Scale brings the doctor’s office home. 3-in-1 Infant bathtub, digital scale and water thermometer in one. Monitoring weight gain is essential in determining if your baby is growing and thriving. With Aqua Scale you can easily weigh your baby between doctor visits in soothing warm water. With just the touch of a button you will know the exact weight of baby – accurate to the ounce – and water temperature. Aqua Scale has a removable insert to keep babies up to 6 months securely positioned in the tub. After 6 months, remove the insert and Aqua Scale converts to a toddler tub accommodating baby up to 2 years (44 lbs). Bathtub - Designed to securely support infants under the arms and legs - Ergonomic, anti-slip insert keeps baby in ideal bathing position - Converts from infant to toddler tub Digital Scale - Innovative technology records baby’s precise weight compensating for water and movement - Set to pounds and ounces, or kilograms - Stores baby’s previous weight - Can be used with, or without, water Water Thermometer - Make sure bathwater is not too hot, or too cold, for baby - Automatically displays temperature changes