Snappies Breastmilk Containers

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    ***Price for 1 oz is $8.50 for a pack of ten. Price for 2.3 oz is $14.50 for a pack of twelve.*** ****PLEASE CLICK ON WHICH SIZE YOU WOULD LIKE AND THE PRICE WILL BE AT THE CHECKOUT*** 1 oz. Snappies Ideal for colostrum collection – minimize loss of ‘Precious Gold’ Can attach directly to breastpump or can hand express into Appropriately sized to store mother’s milk as her supply increases to meet baby’s needs Requires less space for storage Ideal size for feeding, minimizing waste Nursing staff can easily recognize the smaller containers and use them first. 2.3 oz. Snappies Ideal when Mother’s milk supply is fuller Ideal quantity for NICU baby feeds – no waste of precious breastmilk
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