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    At some point during pregnancy, back pain shows up for many women. The pain, caused by weight gain, the change in center of gravity, and the increased curvature of the lower spine caused by a growing uterus, can put a damper on daily activities and make a mama downright uncomfortable and cranky. That’s why Dr. Javaid designed Belly UpIt™- a back support specifically constructed to ease pregnancy back pain. Studies show that back braces during pregnancy can relieve discomfort and strain, making day-to-day pregnant life easier. Belly UpIt™may also relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve, reducing leg pain as well. Made from moisture wicking, cashmere like feeling fabric, Belly UpIt™doesn’t just feel good for Moms, it’s good for Mama earth too. Features: •Easily Adjustable •Comfortable and Secure Compressed Fit •Moisture Wicking Rayon from Bamboo Fabric Benefits: •Promotes Back and Abdominal Support •Eases Back and Leg Pain •Promotes Proper Posture •Provides Extra Support to the Hips •May relieve bladder discomfort •Innovative inner pocket holds a standard size ice/heat pack Washing and Care Guidelines: Belly UpIt™ should be hand washed with mild detergent in cool water. Do not wring or twist products. Lay flat to dry. Sizing Information: Measure the circumference between waist and hips. S = 28-33″ M = 33.5-38″ L = 38.5-40.5″ XL= 41-46″