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    What Are Lula Clips? Lulaclips™ are a pair of clips that attach to the sides of your car seat or infant carrier and provide an extra set of hands when loading your child.Lulaclips™ magnetically hold the buckles out of the way, ensuring you never have to wake a sleeping baby, or have to dig for the buckles again Lulaclips™ were designed to attach to all car seats with a fabric covering and can be easily removed or adjusted Lulaclips™ use no Velcro or adhesives to get gunked up, so they will work as well after years of use, as the first time. Lulaclips™ are secure and have a patent pending child- proof locking mechanism that ensure the clips can be easily removed by a parent but not by a child. Why Lula Clips? Holds buckles open while you place the baby into the carrier.No more diggingNo risk of waking a sleeping babyPrevents tangling Installs in seconds Works with all infant carriers and car seats Easy to adjust or remove